Monday, September 23

pART 3

The CAREGIVER was rushing from room to room now, helping everyone get up and to the breakfast table. Hazel headed towards the living room TV to escape the sputtering of the caregiver, scolding her for scattering clothes all over the room every morning. Having bad hearing worked to her advantage sometimes, she thought, as she put on a blank face and hurried down the hall.
I took a deep breath and sat down, in a lotus position, in the middle of the hall. I needed to think. I had been given only three days to improve all the lives here and at the moment I did not have a clue how to proceed. As everyone would soon be all together in one place I strained my mind trying to come up with an idea. As is the case with spiritual recreational therapists a magical connection to the source of ideas floated down into my brain...Ok... it is worth a try..I was off...
I headed out the door and towards the center of the business district. My intended helper #1 "Eleanor Flower, was just unlocking the front door of the "Pretty Posy" florist shop. As she entered the shop she leaned over and picked up the pile of mail that was dropped during the early morning hours. In that pile of mail was my inspiration: A brochure introducing Eatable Flowers to the proprietor of THE PRETTY POSEY florist shop.
Eleanor laid the mail on the counter inside the door and gazed around the shop with pleasure. It always seemed like a miracle that this shop was really hers. Since she was a child she had always loved flowers.
I had to get her attention fast.. I pushed the brochure onto the floor..
Eleanor lent over and picked up the brochure and replaced it with the bills, and headed towards the back of the shop to check to be sure the delivery man had placed the fresh flowers in the cooler. I had to do something fast before everyone was at the breakfast table. Aha.. the coffee....that’s it... rush the coffee...
Eleanor could smell the fresh brewing coffee and headed back to get a quick cup. As she filled her cup and with total intent to returning to the back of her shop she noticed that the brochure was once more on the floor.
"Strange", she thought, and as she picked it up and scanned it with curiosity. ""Eatable Flowers": "Interesting, but not marketable". she thought as she sat down behind the counter and began to read the brochure.
At various times family members of the inhabitants of "The Oaks", the assisted living house on Oak street, received bouquets of flowers from relatives, and it always made Eleanor feel that she should do something for these people. Especially since September 11th. Every news brocast encouraged everyone to extend acts of kindness to others. The people at the Oaks all seemed so detached from the real world and there was always a solemn silence in the home. She always got a pleasure from seeing their faces light up when she delivered their bouquets.
Returning to the brochure she was surprised how many flowers were actually eatable and nutritious. In fact they seemed to be extremely healthy. There were pictures of salads and different dishes artistically displayed with flowers, adding color and beauty. She got an idea. Her assistant was coming soon and if she hurried there just might be time.
Reaching for the phone she dialed the " The Oaks". After 6 rings the CAREGIVER breathlessly answered the phone. An impatient ‘Yes" was the only sound from the other end....
"Tell me". Eleanor asked. "Can your residences eat grapefruit"?
There was an uncomfortable silence on the phone and then the CAREGIVER asked impatiently, "Is this a prank call or do you have something pertinent to say?"
Eleanor explained her idea.