Wednesday, October 30

Old Photographs
I have been walking
paths of my memory
for you have gone
and there is no one
who remembers
when we were together
and young.
Yet here is your picture
and you are still smiling
for me. Fran

I am working on trying to search my family history and all I have are myths and photos of smiling realatives from the past. They seem to haunt me once they have been unpacked from the storage boxes they have lived in for 30 years. They smile or look back sternly at me, as forces within my soul that I have never met. They seem to say that their immortality lives in my remembering their faces. Now if they could only reach me with their stories. If I could write poems as beautiful as the rest of you this could be the source of some great verse. Would love to hear what you would write on these thoughts. Do I dare ask?
Jane Crone

And I, wonder if poetry is the only way to write. I think the only way to write is what comes naturally and so, perhaps, one need only to write a postcard to each ancestor and place it with his picture in the file. Perhaps there is a question one would like to ask of a grandmother who looks so stern but had eight children. Why don't we write a note and ask her what it was like to live in a village. Perhaps you could ask the person in the picture how she would like to be remembered? Perhaps just a list of the few things you truly knew about someone is all that is needed to seal the face to heart. What would an uncle like us to use as the caption? (One of mine was a chap who used to say "The weather is so bad today it is only fit for a funeral" . On his own funeral day one of the grandaughters quoted this and all of us knew that in that instant Lee was back with us. For he had made us laugh together. We would like to hear your stories. Fran

Faces On The Wall.

Faces on the wall,
Photographs of family and friends.
People we love,
Some, not with us in this world,
Others, far away
In a distant state or land
We miss them greatly, these
Faces On The Wall.

Faces on the wall,
Photographs of family and friends,
People we love.
Ones we can spend time with each day,
Those we see now and then,
Do we appreciate these times?
Do we show our love for them?
Or will we regret we never did,
If they too, became missed
Faces On The Wall.

(c)T.Seed. 2202.


How you loved your horses, ever since you were a child.
Your faithful companions through good times and bad,
Fulfilling your childhood dreams,
Reminders of the life you once had
With mum, dad, brothers and home
And the many Equestrium trials you'd won.

A beautiful model, every young girls dream!
The catwalks glammor, the newest fashions.
Pictures needed for new editions,
Photographers from different magazines, clicking their cameras.
Time in the spotlight didn't seem as bright.
Compared to love, marriage and family nights.

'Happily ever after', didn't happen for you
Another young girls dream now was gone.
Shattered, you braved life through all your fears.
Determined to go on, living mostly alone,
You faced your challenges, wiped away your tears,
Raised your children, seeing them through.

You settled in the countryside at last!
Ran 'holiday', live in riding classes.
Giving your youngest, only daughter,
The life you loved and remembered.
By example you taught your children and grandchildren.
To never give up, to always keep going.

Two years ago you were taken away.
You lost your fight for your life.
Now, you live in our hearts and memories.
Your children, grandchildren, friends and family,
Better people for having known and loved you,
Anne - daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and wife.

(c)T.Seed 2002.

On the 28th March, two years ago, we lost Anne to cancer. She left behind 4 children: Clive, Quenton, Jason Seed and Gemma Williams.

She presently has 5 grandchildren: Cassandra, Melissa, Robert, Natalie and Nicola Seed.

She is greatly missed and loved by all.