Wednesday, April 23

On My Way To Ithaca Fair

Finding my way to Ithaca fair
Winding my way to settle there
On whispers of wind
And rays of sun
Through billowing clouds of mist I run
To quench my thirst
To sate my soul
Oh but the mystery my travels behold
Time is meaningless
It doesn't exist
So dancing along in a fairy mist
Is what I do
Is what I love
To travel the lands so richly blessed
With mountains and lakes and streams caressed
With sunkissed oceans and meadows fair
And fragrant flowers everywhere
I drink of them all
Inhale them divine
These mystical lands I know are mine

© 6/9/02 By Susan L. Anderson

How could I forget my true destination? I am thoroughly enjoying traveling my path to Ithaca though and choose not to go in haste lest I miss even the most minute detail of my exciting journey.

It is an arduous journey but one filled with many rewards. I had heard of the Laistrygonians, and the Kyklopes as well as the Angry Poseidon but thus far I have enjoyed my travels so much that they have remained in the most remote confines of my mind, serving both my spirit and my body well. I pray to the gods daily to see me safely through my exciting journey.

Indeed my purchases thus far have been few but of the finest quality. I've happened upon the finest red silk, laced with fine gold threads of the gods, woven into the most intricate designs....those of which I have never seen before. I found them on my journey through a Phoenician trading station. At another station the most sensuous of oils infused my head! It was so powerful it almost seemed to make me drunk with it's beautiful scent. It was the scent of the finest, most delicate tearose that I have ever had the pleasure of smelling.

I long to move on and on through this wonderful land, basking in its beauty, breathing in it, tasting it, feeling it, seeing it drinking it into my very soul. I can't seem to get enough of it!

My journey through Egypt has been exhausting at times but the splendor and the joys that I have experienced more than make up for the arduous ones. I've only just begun and will move ahead on the whisper of the wind, in the warmth of the sun, on billowing clouds that quench my thirst with their fine mists as I drink in the finest of all this land has to offer, both in tangible objects and in knowledge. My thirst is endless.

I am one with the land and at peace with the gods as they see me through my journey. If it lasts for many years to come, it will continue to move me safely and I will know that my destination of Ithaca will remain my focus for it has always been my predestination. It is quenching a thirst that I've had for years....nay a lifetime...and it is both wise and generous.
Susan Anderson