Saturday, April 26

Delaying Death

My heart is heavy as I travel across my meditating desert today. There is a companion with me and I can not shake the sorrow.


walked slowly
across the barren land,
rough woven cape and hood
her only protection
against the blazing sun:
step after step after step.

Her feet burned
in the thin leather sandals,
strapped loosely on her feet,
her only protection
between burning sand
and jagged stones:
step after step after step.

The limp, lifeless bundle
in her arms
weighed heavily
on her weakening body
causing her journey
to become more laborious
with every step;
on and on and on.

She knew-
she must lay her bundle down
and rest,
But not now-
not yet-
Just one more
step after step after step.
Jane Tilton

Last Miles Repose

They eyed her
walking slowly
through barren land.

So sad, so all alone
in the hot sand.

They walked along
her path
so gently worn.

Helped her carry
her heavy bundle
there to mourn.

oh so softly
they all cried.

They all stood
so gently
by her side.

They wept
and grieved
for love lost
to their friend.

Then held her near
Her gentle heart
to mend.

© 2002 By Susan L. Anderson

I was moved by both the message and the way it was delivered. All I can think to add is work through the sorrow, it is the only way through, and it is THE only way to lessen the burden. It is incongruous when you think about it, and not all that appealing, because given a choice, us human beings would prefer not to be burdened by sorrow. And yet, it is that which truly makes us more compassionate, stronger, resiliant, "human" beings. Accept the burden, and then you can truly "lay it down"


We bear

We share, a collective past of
exposed infants screaming on cold stone hill sides
bound feet
bound breasts
an unstoppable, indestructible, mutual strength

Woman of grace
Who bears the honored name of Crone
A name I now thirst to learn
to fill my bones with
to wreath my hair with
to celebrate, exalt and revel
to learn one day to

Woman of honor
in roughly woven cape and hood
I do not know your burden
I cannot offer to help you carry
I cannot offer you shade or
even a place to rest

But as my sisters before me
throughout antiquity
I will not let you bear it alone

See the footsteps in the sand
I will walk beside you

Edwina Peterson Cross