Monday, April 28

The sign said, “Welcome, come on in.” So I did. I walked through the main gate into Lemuria. Shocking. You can do it just like that. An invitation is extended and you respond. I had paced in front of the gate for hours, peeking through the cracks, jumping up and down to see over the top. I tapped lightly on the frame months ago but ran away in case someone answered. And once I even slipped a note under the bottom. It was on red paper with a gold stripe on the side. Do you remember? Well that being said I had never considered lifting the latch and walking in. But today, or was it yesterday or the day before I did it. The gate opened smoothly and creaked in a most pleasant manner.

Because my eyes were downcast and I was observing my shoes with great concentration my first sense of Lemuria was the fragrance. The air was redolent. Redolent I say. It was pungent and spicy and sweet and tangy and stimulating and soothing all at once. It smelled like home and mystery at the same time. I took breath deep from my toes to my head and looked up. Glorious. It was warm with the kind of breeze that dances upon your skin.

I reached down and took off my sandals leaving them by the gate. And I began walking and getting to know this new wonder. I turned to the left because of the little sign that had a tiny blue arrow upon it that said, “Fun ahead.”

In a few minutes I reached a most unusual place. There was a garden with huge patches of mint, rosemary, basil and lemon verbena. There was another sign, except this one was large and direct. “Take a chance. Roll around in the garden. Enjoy!” I was beginning to appreciate all these signs! I did exactly as requested. It was a bit difficult at first, so extravagant and free. I walked into the mint, than sat in it, and then I lay in it. Then I rolled. Back and forth, face down then up and then down with arms spread wide I was a mint angel. The smell was in my nostrils, in my mouth, it was under my eyelids. It was remarkable. I sat up as tears slipped down my face. I truly thought I would burst with wonder.

Deep restorative breaths shook me with their strength. I got up and returned slowly to the gate. There was a card there with my name on it. It said, “You are right where you are suppose to be. Return soon. Your fellow, Lemurians”. I picked up my sandals and slipped quietly out. I will remember how to lift the latch and return to Lemuria.
by Debra Fox